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Sloting Plus Axle 55mm x 2.38 SP041055-Axle-Sloting Plus-Show Us Ya Slotz

Sloting Plus Axle 55mm x 2.38 SP041055

Sloting Plus

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Sloting Plus Axle 55mm x 2.38 SP041055

Stainless steel axle 3/32

  • 55mm x 2.38 (3/32) Dia
  • Tempered and calibrated
  • Wgt 1.85g
  • Bag with 2 Axles

This axle is made of stainless steel, tempered and calibrated with a hardness of 60 HRC. The measure is 2,38 mm (3/32 ") and its use is UNIVERSAL for any Slot car on the market.

It is perfectly accurate in its diametrality and linearity and without possible bending. Its ends are rounded to facilitate the introduction of any wheel and thanks to the subsequent polishing process, the friction with the bearing is minimized.

REMEMBER: It is very important to lubricate generously any shaft that turn inside a bushing.

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