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Closed - Until May 16th .. Racing at Night is Still Open as Per Racing Calendar: Doors Open 6PM


Childhood memories, a hobby, to obsession, to selling slot car racing products in Australia.

Based at Unit B, 12 Industrial Cres, Lemon Tree Passage, NSW, Australia. Show Us Ya Slotz has been for a very long time nothing more than a wish.. a dream..

The Journey

The journey began from Childhood memories of the fun at home with my Brother, Sister and my mate Andy, as we would race each night around our Scalextric track back in the early 80’s.

But as childhood started to pass me by, and working life kicked in. The set was packed away.


A new life with Teenage step kids, was enough to bring the Slot Car Set back out. Trips to some amazing Slot car tracks around the country exploded that old passion back to new levels.

Now my humble track wasn’t enough. Seeing these guys at the Slot Car centre race tracks.. seeing what they had the humble slot cars doing.. Seeing the Speed some of these cars were flying around the track at !!

That was it.. I was hooked.. again.. Race nights became a
regular thing
. Awesome new friends passing on trinkets of advice.. just holding enough back to keep them at the top of the leader board J Week by week.. little changes to the cars.. eventually YES I made it into the top 3 on the Podium.

What occurred to me was how under appreciated the Slot Car hobby actually is. I had no idea all these years there was so much you could do with these cars. So many awesome tracks around the world. That got me thinking.. I want to promote this hobby, bring it to everyone’s attention. Allow kids and adult alike to experience this, but how..?

First Steps

First step was to look at the range of Slot Cars out there. The known brands  Scalextric & Carrera plus other brands know more to Slot Car racers, like NSRSlot.itScaleAutoFly. I need to showcase everything! Also, I need to showcase the accessories. Show people what can be done to take the already great track slot cars up to the next level. One thing that I had noticed on these race nights, was the many
questions.. 'Where can I get this and that from? There is no stock at the moment?' So I knew if I was going to do this, I needed to have stock there, and not let anyone down.

And here we are, “Show Us Ya Slotz” is up and running. So what's next?

Our Slot Cars Centre and warehouse is open, and our aim is to have Race nights to suit all types. Magnet, Non Magnet, Kids racing and more importantly, our aim is to listen to what people want.. from stock, to service.. to racing. So, feel free to Contact Us!

Our Core Values!

✔️ Reliable and Secure Shipping
✔️ Personal and Friendly Service
✔️ Customer Support
✔️ Promote the hobby
✔️ Honest advice on products


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