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About SuperTires

SuperTires is a 2nd generation business. Nick Started Super Tires in 1995.  He ran a H.O. Speedway with 3-8 lane tracks.  He grew up with slot cars and his childhood dream was to have a track.  He was very successful.  He became passionate about tires and with his engineer mind and patience Super Tires was formed.  We have been here almost 30 years.  We have always been a small operation with 3-4 people.  A small family business with great success all over selling tires.  So, with that being said We do work very hard keeping our buckets filled.  Sometimes a very large order can wipe us out and may take a week to stock back up.  The Revo slot tires, 12401, and 1400 series and Carrera tires are most common.

We do not source out any work we do it all ourselves. 

SuperTires are available in Australia & NZ from

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